link to feedback page is broken
Easily hide widgets when starting a screen sharing session
Notes area in only editable upon click on first line
double-click on empty space in to-do widget should add a new todo entry
New Habit Tracker Widget

Build better habits with the Habit Tracker widget!

Today we introduce the Habit Tracker widget. Research shows us that people who define and track their habits consistently achieve more. Use the Habit Tracker to stay on track and keep yourself motivated.

Get inspired to build new habits

Todo Widget - Sub-tasks and Drag & Drop between lists

Core functionality has been added for the Todo Widget. You can now

  • Add sub-tasks to all your todo items
  • Drag & drop items between your lists

Tip: create more clarity and stay focussed by using a Personal KanBan setup!

Add a possibility for subtasks in the todo list widget
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